What are superfoods?

What are superfoods?

If you are a person minimally interested in health and nutrition, it is very possible that you have encountered the word superfoods quite often in recent months. In many cases these are marketing strategies trying to attribute properties to supermarket products that, in reality, do not have. However, not everything is advertising.

Although there is no official definition of what superfoods are, the most adjusted would be those that define foods rich in nutrients and, therefore, with beneficial properties on health and well-being.

Functional and nutraceuticals foods

The general concept of superfoods is based on two specific concepts: functional foods and nutraceuticals. The first are foods that, in addition to provide the basic nutrients, are scientifically proven to bring some health benefits. Few examples of functional foods are cereals enriched with b12, vegetable drinks with calcium or eggs with omega 3 (DECS, 2017).

Nutraceuticals, on the other hand, are foods that provide benefits in the prevention and/or treatment of diseases. This category would include all medicines of natural origin such as natural fibers, which facilitate the intestinal tract and help prevent cholesterol or cancer of the colon or lignans contained in flax seeds which, according to animal studies, help to prevent cancers related with the hormones.

The concept of superfoods encompasses a range of nutrient-dense plant based products. Their high levels of fibre, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients have made them very popular for those aiming to improve their diet’s nutritional value and to achieve a more balanced diet in general, apart from other more specific end uses.

List of few important superfoods

Superfoods encompass foods that have the character of functional or nutraceutical and that arouse a growing interest at a time when the concern for a healthy and healthy diet, is increasing. In this line we rediscover foods such as turmeric, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory or carob, with a high contribution in minerals and fibers and proven digestive and depurative properties.

Other examples are found in foods unknown until recently, which have demonstrated above-average nutritional properties and are a very interesting source of proteins and vitamins for vegan or vegetarian diets.

Here we find foods such as chia, quinoa or chlorella.

Chia seeds contain some phenolic compounds and isoflavones (Martinez-Cruz & Paredes Lopez, 2014), which are natural antioxidants and alpha linolenic acid (ALA), which we know is good for improving adiposity and reducing the level of fat in the blood. (Chicco, D’Alessandro, Hein, Oliva, & Lombardo, 2008).

Another very popular superfood is chlorella, an important source of antioxidants and, according to some studies, its daily consumption helps reduce the level of cholesterol in blood to people with hypercholesterolemia (Hee Ryu, Eeun Park, Johee, Wong Kong, & Kwon, 2014).

Even so, it is important to emphasize that these foods can not be used to supply a bad or insufficient diet, their function is to compensate and promote the obtaining of certain nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein, etc.). They are not better foods than others, all real foods are important, the secret lies in achieving a varied diet, based on natural products and with a high nutritional value. This is the basis for being healthy and feeling good.

Why choose Huaora superfoods mixes?

At Huaora, we select our superfoods according to their characteristics and mix them to boost their properties according to four main objectives: the detox mixtures help the body to get rid of harmful substances, the diet mixtures are directed towards fat burning, the energy mixtures to provide the necessary nutrients to increase energy and physical performance, while the protein and amino acid mixtures aim to complement diets low in protein, (like vegan or vegetarian diets) and to contribute to the growth of muscle mass for those who practice sport.

Huaora products are all organically grown and are picked fresh, carefully selected according to their quality, and then dried immediately using procedures that guarantee to maintain practically 100% of their properties, before being blended and preserved, according to strict health controls.

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